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Xtreme Custom Led Lights specializes in the installation of Motorcycle LED Lights Custom LEDs Lighting; Lazer LED lights; Custom motorcycle lights, and motorcycle accessories for any and all makes and models of motorcycles, motor trikes, and any other vehicle which can carry a 12 volt battery (cars, golf carts, ATVs--let your imagination run wild) We are enthusiastic motorcyclists ourselves and want every rider to have the ride of their life, and enjoy the excitement, aesthetic appeal, and safety of Motorcycle LED Lights. Xtreme Custom Led Lights is the only company that has the Lazer LEDs on the market today. Remember think Xtreme Custom Led Lights when you think of motorcycle led lights.

Xtreme Custom Motorcycle Led Light Dealers Near You

Xtreme Custom Led Motorcycle Led Lights are ONLY available to Xtreme Custom Led Licensed Dealers. Our Motorcycle Led Lights are manufactured exclusively for Xtreme Custom Leds and you won't find them at Ebay or other discount outlets. Xtreme Custom Led lights are actively looking for new motorcycle led light dealers across the country. For more info go HERE

Dominator 9 motorcycle L.E.D. lights.

The L.E.D. lights for use on Choppers, V- rods and Customs. Dominator 9 motorcycle LED lights are in a clear case which can be taped on 3 different sides for costomized placement. Flexible to mold to tanks or frames.3 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inch wide.

Super Lazer Wheel Pucks
The Super Lazer motorcycle LED light Wheel Puck is super bright. With10 Super Lazer LEDs on a round puck create a 360 degree ring of Super Lazer color. Great application on front and rear wheels or underneath for gound effects. Waterproof come with a 22 gauge wire 36 inch long.



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